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Best Beaches At Turks and Caicos. It is one of the most popular and famous beaches in the world and invites travelers across the globe.

Beaches at Turks and Caicos

The Best Beaches At Turks and Caicos 2021

Some of the finest beaches across the globe are found in Turks and Caicos and yet it gets ignored by many travelers across the world as they do not have proper knowledge about them. So today we will explore the Turks and Caicos Islands and know about the beautiful and stunning beaches located in this archipelago. Some of the mind-blowing and wonderful beaches have their location on the Providenciales Island and it also hosts some of the best resorts for your stay.

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Beaches at Turks & Caicos

There are approximately one hundred islands that form the Turks and Caicos and it has some of the hidden gems and unique beaches that you will love to visit.

Grace Bay Beach:

It is one of the most popular and famous beaches in the world and invites travelers across the globe. It is located on the Providenciales Island in the northern side coast and has some of the best luxury resorts for your vacation stay.

It also covers a certain portion of the National Park named after Princess Alexandra.

A wonderful system of reef barriers protects the bay and it hosts some of the best adventurous sites for scuba diving. In one word it is just heaven for people who love adventure sports and want to have a wonderful vacation with their friends and family members.

You need to go and visit the place in order to experience the stunning beauty of the clear water and soft white sand of the bay as photographs won’t do real justice to the place. You can also visit the Bright Beach and the amazing snorkeling places such as Smith’s Reef and Bright Reef.

You will heart will get filled with sheer fun; joy and adventure after you experience all the mesmerizing beauty of this place.

Leeward Beach:

If you are one of those people who love to experience the serene beauty of nature and stay away from the hustle and bustle of busy life in a secluded place Leeward Beach is just perfect for you. This tranquil beach is located to the northeast side of the Grace Bay Beach and is ideal for taking long romantic walks with your partner along the ocean and sand dunes.

At the end of your walk, you will come to see the TCI Ferry coming from the North Caicos. After that, you will come to witness the Little Water Cay along with iguanas roaming freely or a dolphin or an egret in the tidal creeks of the swampy wetlands. The Leeward Beach has a very peaceful environment as there are very few resorts here and less people in the place all year round.

However, if you are a nature lover and love to spend some time in this secluded place there are some expensive luxury rentals you can opt for. To the east there are some sheltered channels which are best suited for wakeboarding, standup paddle-boarding, and kayaking. Leeward Beach is also an ideal beachcombing spot for collecting seashells.

Mudjin Harbour:

One of the major attractions of the Middle Caicos Island is Mudjin Harbour. The place has got some wonderful natural surroundings which makes it truly worth visiting. Top specialties of the place include white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, caves, and the Dragon Cay.

All these natural attractions and serene beauties of nature have come together to form Mudjin Harbour one of the prime locations for tourist attractions around the world. The place derived its name from the Bermudian Harbor as it reminds us of cliffs and bluffs of the Stonehole Bay Beach and Horseshoe Bay Beach or Bermuda.

The people from Bermuda who came in the 1600’s and 1700’s in search of natural pure sea salt and named the place as Mudjit Harbour. Conch Bar Caves is the nearest attraction to Mudjin Harbour which is the biggest dry cave system on the island.

The two islands Middle Caicos and North Caicos are joined together by a causeway road so that you can visit and explore different places on these two islands by car. So it’s obvious that you will have a lot of fun and adventure when you visit the place with your friends or family members. There are different sites and places of natural beauty to visit and discover on the two islands and a day trip to these two islands is sure to fill your mind with peace and tranquility.

Another exciting thing you can do here is taking a walk along the historical Crossing Place Trails. This adventitious hiking path will take you through cliffs, beaches, and hills and you will basically go through the link that connected Caicos Islands traditionally in the past.

Long Bay Beach:

Long Bay Beach is one of the must-visit places of the Turks and Caicos if you are an adventure lover. Located on the southeastern coast of Providenciales this beach was not known to many for a quite long time and was kept secret to travelers across the world. For several years only people who loved water sports such as kite surfing came here but with passage of time Long Bay Beach is getting popular among the tourist around the globe.

In the earlier days conch shells have piled up on the sand and the place was deemed to be underdeveloped for several years. After that Stan Hartling, the hotelier visited the place and was mesmerized by its natural beauty. He decided to clear the shells, planted coconut trees and started a luxury hotel named Shore Club. Soon after that the number of visitors started increasing.

However, if you compare it with Grace Bay the beach is still a heaven free from hustle and bustle and located in a secluded place. The water is crystal clear with turquoise color and perfect for all types of adventurous water sports.

The shipwreck which happed in 2008 is located two miles from the shore and has become an attraction for adventure loving people from around the globe. There is a continuous flow of eastern trade winds which make it perfect for kiting. The depth of the water in this region is shallow in nature which makes it ideal for kiters who can stand in the middle whenever they feel like.

You can also enjoy some horseback riding on this beach if you feel like.

Half Moon Bay:

Half moon bay is a wonderful beach cum sand bar lagoon which is located in between Little Water Cay and Water Cay and acts as a channel or connection point between the two islands. However still now the Water Cay and Little Water Cay are not yet developed and totally uninhabitable by people.

Half Moon Bay is one of the most popular and exciting destinations for boat excursion and ranks on the top list of every visitor’s travel list.

When you visit the Half Moon Bay you will find a beautiful and serene beach, the lguana of Turks and Caicos Rock playing on the dunes and a picture-perfect lagoon of shallow waters on the southernmost side of the beach.

Half Moon Beach is a place full of natural beauty and a fresh environment which makes it a paradise for nature lovers. Apart from the iguanas there are several other things to see such as the small lemon sharks which can be found in the lagoon and a series of small thatch palm trees which line the bay area and add to its beauty.

There are typically two ways to reach the Half Moon Bay. You can either take a yacht charter or a boat cruise to visit the place or you can hire a kayak from Providenciales and go on exploring the place on your own. However, you need to remember that Half Moon Bay is a totally a unique and different place and acts as a natural sandbar between Water Cay and Little Water Cay.

A lot of boat cruises visit the place at different points of the day and the Northern side is a big wide open beach with few shipwrecks of the coast. If you are planning to visit the places for a day do not forget to pack your lunch and take sunscreen along with you.

Malcolm’s Road Beach:

Situated in the far west side of the island it is one of the most remote beaches on the Turks and Caicos Islands and is a perfect combination of sandy beaches and rocky cliffs and is located at a close distance from the reef wall. However, it’s not close enough to reach here by swimming and don’t even think of doing that as it might be risky for you.

The idea option is to boat out from the Malcolm’s Road Beach and indulge in some water sports fun and adventure such as scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also do some boat exclusion and visit different location spots of the island for some sheer fun and excitement. It is one of the best snorkeling spots in the entire Caribbean region.

You need to have a 4*4 vehicle in order to reach the beach safely as the road is full of dirt and at the time of rain it becomes slippery full of mud. Moreover, there are several potholes and bumps on the way to Malcolm’s Road Beach and thus a 4*4 vehicle is a must to reach there.

You can also take help from Google maps GPS system and look out for signs that will take you to the right place. Just be careful on your drive to this place and you will have a wonderful and exciting time with your friends and family members.

However, just be a little careful while you park your car and take the valuable or expensive items with you as there has been incidence of car break-ins as this place is located in remote areas with few people around. However, with the recently built Amanyara Resort on the beach the place has become far more secured and such incidents have reduced drastically.

Governor’s Beach

The wonderful and mesmerizing Governor’s Beach is located on the Grand Turk’s island and boasts itself of crystal clear ocean water free from any impurities. This is perhaps the best beach in Grand Turk located on the west coast in between the Cockburn Town and Cruise Center.

The place got its name from the Governor’s Mansion Waterloo which is located at a very short distance from the main beach access point.

This place is protected from the typical southeast trade winds which add to the scenic beauty of the beach. You will get beautiful and clear shallow water, long spread white and line of Casuarina trees where you can sit back and relax in the shade.

The Governor’s Beach is not really suitable for snorkeling. Although you find certain rocky patches in some areas but do not expect to get much coral or fish life in this spot. Although this beach is typically calm throughout the year you can expect the sound of some low rolling waves at the time of high-ocean swell. You might find some vendors selling cold drinks or souvenirs at time when a cruise ship comes in.

Governor’s Beach forms a part of Columbus Landfall National Park and thus it advisable to rent a car and explore the Grand Turk Cruise Center on your own. You can expect a very little crowd and can get mixed with the serenity of the place and enjoy your heart out to the fullest.

If you plan to come here with your friends and family member you can arrange a picnic under the shady pines and I am sure it will be a wonderful experience for all the people in the group.

Taylor Bay Beach:

Taylor Bay Beach is located on the southern side of the island and thus it is comparatively much quieter and close to nature when compared to the other beaches on the northern side. Moreover, this place has fewer resorts and thus a lesser number of travelers come to this place. All these factors make the Taylor Bay Beach perfect for people who love to spend some time in a secluded place far from busy life and regular hustle and bustle.

Although the beach is quite small while compared to the northern beaches yet it has got plenty of reasons to visit there. The place has got a kind of shelter by a small peninsula and thus the water remains very clear, calm and shallow making it perfect for nature enthusiasts and one of the best beaches in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The beach generally remains empty, beautiful and serene and the clear shallow water is just perfect to do some wading and click some beautiful pictures. You can also discover certain wildlife here such as Nurse Sharks or other creatures swimming along the shallow water.

However, make sure that you come prepared to this place as you will not get any washrooms or place for eating food on the Taylor Bay Beach.

Sapodilla Beach

Sapodilla Beach can be referred to as the big brother of Taylor Bay Beach as it is quite similar to it with clear blue water and sparkling white sand all around. If you are heading towards Providenciales with a good size group try to book a wonderful villa on the Sapodilla Bay as it would be the perfect base spot for your accommodation. You find a long dock on the eastern side of the bay. However, the dock has not been used by boats for quite a long time.

Go for a long walk along the dock with your friends and family members and enjoy the view of a variety of sea fish and animals swimming in the water. If you have small kids they will simply love the close view of the sea creatures and it will bring a big smile on their faces. The area remains protected from the large waves because of the Sapodilla Hill.

However, if you are the kind of person who likes to see large waves, take a hike to the top of the hill and you will simply love the view. Last but not least you can even indulge in some swimming activities and swim off to a boat wreck which is just 50 feet from the shoreline. There are plenty of things you can do here which make this place worth visiting.

North Bay Beach

Located on the calm and quiet island of Salt Cay it is one of the best coasts in Turks and Caicos. Surprisingly most of the travelers overlook it and fail to visit this wonderful place. This place has got everything you need in order to make your vacation worth remembering.

Ranging from sparkling white and peach colored sand to crystal clear pure water, small snorkeling reefs, stand up paddle-surfing and total isolation, you get everything you can even think of.

Moreover you will have a chance to enjoy the entire coast all by yourself because very few people know and visit the place. So no one will be there to distract you and make any trouble. You can either arrange for your stay in the Salt Cay or go for a day trip from the Providenciales Island.

Thus to conclude we can say that Turks and Caicos have got some of the finest beaches and wonderful vacation sport for travelers across the world. If you haven’t booked your tickets, do not wait any further and travel to this wonderful place in order to make your dream vacation come alive.

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