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Beaches with Clear Water 2021 Discover the World’s most beautiful beaches and resorts

Beaches filled with crystal clear water lighten up with the rays of the shining sun give you the most serene feeling you can ever imagine. As it is said that:

“One should always be thankful to GOD for His blessings, especially for enlightening our lives with Good Friends, giving us hot Sunny weather and enriching our souls with laying the beautiful carpet of Clean Water under our feet.”

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits adjoined with spending quality time on beaches with clear water, as the water is blue or turquoise in color, transparent in texture, and enriched with a significant portion of minerals.


Beaches usually occur in places along the coastline, where deposits of certain sediments that change the entire environment of the clear water are present. In blue beaches, you can flawlessly see the seafloor from the surface of water.

However, some beaches are gray or green in color. The absence of some minerals, the depth of the beach, along with the reflection of sunlight plays an important part in the appearance of beach, either transparent or little murky and shady. The blue color beach makes you more calm and relaxed.

Beaches with Clear Water

In spite of the appearance, the smell of the refreshing air, smooth waves touching your feet and the presence of gentle white sand passing by your toes, reflects a positive and energetic impact on your body and mind.

There are several beaches around the world, available with crystal clear water, but the Caribbean clear water beaches take the first spot. If you want to have exotic and fun-filled vacations for meditating and resting purposes, visit Caribbean beaches.

Approximately, there are 45- 50 Caribbean Beaches with Clear Water across the globe, but these are the most attractive ones;

Beaches with Clear Water

Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

This Caribbean Beach has been ranked amongst the best 25 beaches by Forbes in 2019. For its appearance, glazing white soft sand, translucent natural water, well-maintained and comfortable spas, and cool beach bars, received numerous awards, thus escalating its popularity. Providenciales, commonly known as Provo, is an Island located in Turks & Caicos in Atlantic Ocean. The beach is surrounded by sports hub, shops, and dine-in restaurants. The Island also possesses snorkeling sites. This beach is strongly recommended for honeymoon couples.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

Negril is a town situated in western Jamaica. The famous beach in this town is Seven Mile Beach, profoundly known for local and international restaurants, resorts, bars & cafes opened on the bayside of the beach. This beach is a good platform to perform snorkeling and scuba-diving activities. Beaches with Clear Water. On the west side over the cliff, Negril town has plenty of cottages and local hotels. The famous Negril Lighthouse build in the 19th century is also open for tourists to climb and restore incredible views of the coast.

Ocho Rios Bay Beach

Ocho Rios is also a town in Jamaica but located on the north coast. In the past, Ocho Rios was a fishing port, but now it has been renovated and turned into a resort, along with a cruise ship dockyard. The bay area is filled with hotels. Facilities, such as snorkeling, diving, rafting, and tube riding, are available for tourists. Horse riding and hiking can also be done if you desire to visit the countryside for shopping and dine-in purposes. The chairlift, zip lines travel have also been introduced that pass through the rainforest, providing a stunning view of the town and nearby places. If you are travelling through a cruise ship to Jamaica this beach will be the closest spot for you to stopover.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla has gained amazing popularity among the honeymoon couples and Hollywood celebrities for enjoying a peaceful and calm hideout, leaving behind their busy shooting schedules and family expectations. Anguilla is an island that consists of 33 beaches. On the island, spectacular resorts with well-equipped facilities are available to plan your tempting vacations. Among these beaches Shoal Bay has well-deserved reputation. Shoal Bay has the neatest and clean water filled with the best quality white sand. The most exciting part is that all these beaches are open for public as well.

Beaches with Clear Water at Eagle Beach, Aruba

Aruba is a Dutch Island located off the Venezuela coastline. Eagle Beach is the most accredited amongst all. Although it is open for the public but still you’ll find the Island more peaceful and smooth as compared to the neighboring beaches. It has a bit dry and sunny weather, but still, the chilled winds and the smooth shining surface beneath your feet that reflect under transparent blue water persuade you for swimming. Big shopping areas are also available across the island to attract tourist attention.

Beaches with Clear Water at Trunk Bay, St. John

Saint John is the most popular and smallest (area wise) among the 3 United States Virgin Islands. The National Park situated on the Island is the main attention seeker for tourists. A Trunk Bay has also been donated to National Park, which is filled with tranquil water and pearly white sand, where you can perform snorkeling. The trunk is 225 yards long, giving you the most thrilling chance of your lifetime to exercise underwater activities. Even the lively sea life appeals to you to do underwater photography to make long-lasting memories.

Beaches with Clear Water at Crane Beach, Barbados

Barbados is a unique island famous for its natural beauty and diversified, fun-filled cultural values. The sandy beaches filled with clear water and gentle sand encourages you to do snorkeling and scuba-diving activities and enjoy the original under-water life. Crane Beach is the attention seeker for tourists, as the sand on this beach is of Pink color. The beach is a bit rough as compared to its neighbor, which is strongly recommended for trained and tough surfers.

Palominos Island, Puerto Rico

Palominos is a 100 acre Island having a private beach entrance over the coastline towards the northeastern side of Puerto Rico. The island is not available for the public and only reserved for people staying at El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa. These VIP guests can use the private gateway for enjoying snorkeling and different fun-filled activities under the cool breeze and windy environment, giving them the feeling of being in a paradise, as it is covered with abundant palm trees.

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten

St. Maarten is a diversified Island giving you the blend of Dutch and French cultures under one roof. Phillipsburg is the capital and represents the Dutch area. It is considered to be the main hub of cruise ships sailing and passing by bringing in the tourists. The Great Bay Beach is the major attention seeker when it comes to spending joyful time. People have seen colorful umbrellas flying over the Beach, making the environment lively and fresh. To gather some exclusive experience, you should also visit the Cupecoy Beach, as it has the golden sandstone cliffside.

Beaches with Clear Water at Nassau, Bahamas

The Nassau Beach on Bahamas Island is one of its kinds, as the water is transparent to the extent that under the water, life is visible up to 100 feet. There is natural hole known as Blue hole having a depth of almost 200 feet. You can experience different species of fishes under the sea. Caves namely Trinity and Piece of Cake are opened to attract tourists to spot large lobsters.

Beaches with Clear Water at Nassau, Bahamas

The rough beach has several shipwrecks worth watching, giving you the chance to gain adventurous and thrilling underwater experience.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a collective group of small islands. Among these, Virgin Gorda is the largest packed with exclusive resorts, breath-taking beach views, and good sailing area. Virgin Gorda is prominent for its nature-filled bathing environment, and an exquisite National Park located on the southwest coast of the Island. This beach is composed of white sand and bordered with large boulders of granite, covering the diameter of approximately 40 feet. If you want to create mesmerizing memories, you must keep water shoes, water-resistant cameras, and a snorkel to discover the caves built underwater by these boulders.

Harrismith Beach, Barbados

Harrismith Beach is developed a bit far from the Resort area, distant from other beaches separated by a cliff. A short walk can reach this beach and jumping off the stone steps engraved over the cliffside. On top of the cliff, you will see the remains of an Old Plantation house that will create a romantic ambiance. Passing the cliff and going off the shore you can enjoy this beach and its treasures like seashells and other underwater activities. You can also read a book to enjoy the quiet atmosphere. Swimming is permitted by at your own risk as lifeguards are not available on this beach.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Bermuda Island beaches are popular for its Pink-sand texture naturally designed by the composition of crushed shells, coral, and calcium carbonate. Horseshoe Bay is a well-reputed eye-catching beach due to the extensive facilities it provides to the visitors. Lifeguards and other equipment rent out amenities are also available to facilitate the tourists, thus, making it the most secure beaches on Bermuda Island.

Beaches with Clear Water at Darkwood Beach, Antigua

The main feature that distinguishes the Darkwood Beach from the rest is that there is no construction of any sort in the surrounding. The promising attributes will take you into your own imagination, giving you a mesmerizing escape from the real world. Not much of the beach is developed but can be accessed easily.

Hopkins Bay Beach, Belize

If you want to spend some peaceful and quality time with yourself, Hopkins Bay Beach will be the perfect one for you to visit, as being quiet and calm, it also nearby located to a local village. Visit Victoria’s Peak, the highest mountain in Belize, to captivate sunset moments.

Beaches with Clear Water at Punta Uva Beach, Costa Rica

This beach is located far from the capital city and will take approximately four hours of travel time. You will see sloths roaming around more often on Punta Uva Beach. The surrounding localities get active during night time and enjoy immensely. This destination is perfect for carefree travelers.

Guardalavaca Beach, Cuba

Guardalavaca beach is a blend of soft white sand and turquoise water, best known for the sporting activities that include scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, playing tennis and volleyball, kayaking, and sailing.

Beaches with Clear Water at Cas Abao, Curacao

Cas Abao Beach makes you realize that a paradise do exists in this world. The crystal turquoise-colored water, fresh air passing through the palm trees, is an ideal location for swimmers who enjoy snorkeling as well.

Beaches with Clear Water at Wavine Cyrique Beach, Dominica

Wavine Cyrique Beach can be reached by hiking down a steep cliff. Getting over the cliffside coming towards the beach, you will notice a large waterfall will be smashing into the beach. The water is a little murky but clean, as it is surrounded by large number of rocks that release good sediments in the water. Honeymoon couples will cherish their tour on this beach.

Beaches with Clear Water at Playa Rincon Beach, Dominican Republic

This beach is the most prominent one in Dominican Republic as it has won several awards from the travel industry. On one side of the beach, there are hills covered with greenery that refreshes you. The beach is secluded and located far from the resorts however; it is stretched for about five miles. ATV is considered to be the best source of reaching this destination.

Anse Ceron, Martinique

Anse Ceron beach is a remarkable companion for those who love sunbathing. The leisurely curving sand gives you the ample opportunity to lie down and enjoy the smooth sunbath. The soft, warm and peaceful water waves will surely persuade you for swimming.

Beaches with Clear Water at Soliman Bay, Tulum

Soliman Bay has the perfect trio of amazing sightseeing, the famous bohemian paradise along with the white sand shore, covered by a jungle. It will be the most exotic experience of your lifetime.

The Caribbean beaches mentioned above have been described briefly, to plan your vacations more effectively. Regardless of the Caribbean beaches, there are some more beaches with clear water around the world;

Beaches with Clear Water at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

This beach is famous for snorkeling and sailing purposes, considerably the most amazing beach in the United States.

Knip Beach, Curacao

This beach is opened for the general public and persuades you to do cliff diving aggressively. Located in the western side of Curacao, the Knip beach is a perfect spot for tough & strong swimmers to explore the underwater life and coral reefs.

The Maldives

The Maldives is situated in the Indian Ocean, occupying 1,190 islands and sandy shores. It is a lagoon with sparkling clear water that surrounds all the nearby islands. The edges of the sea are shielded with reefs that act as the protector for the underwater species. A hub for fishes and sharks, but don’t be scared those are baby sharks that hunt small fishes for a living.


Mauritius is another famous island located over the Indian Ocean, popular for its clean water beaches, lagoons, and amazing sightseeing areas. Trou aux Biches is considered to be the best among all the beaches. This beach exhibits good snorkeling and swimming amenities. The water is pearly clear with calm and gentle carpeted sand that makes it a perfect touring spot for families. You will also get a chance to have mouth-watering street food and a wide range of cafes and restaurants along the roadside of the coast. Blue Bay Beach and Pereybere are the runner-up beaches of Mauritius.


If you want to enjoy enriched sceneries and glittering white beaches of clear water, you should make Seychelles your next stopover. Every beach of Seychelles is unique and displays versatile characteristics, but choosing among 115 islands, it is difficult to decide which beach to visit. Including Seychelles, there are two more islands, namely Mahe Praslin and La Digue. Anse beach holds the primary spot in Seychelles and considered to be the most elegant place that shows the eternal beauty of nature so magnificently.

Polynesia Islands

Polynesia Islands, also known as French Polynesia, are situated in South Pacific under the territory of France. The territory is comprised of six main islands named as;

  • Marquesas
  • The Tuamotu Archipelago
  • The Gamber Islands
  • Austrial Islands
  • Bass Islands and
  • The Society Islands

The Society Islands is ranked as the most preferred spot for visitors, as it has three versatile beaches that draw tourist attention significantly. The Polynesia Islands have lavish and peaceful beaches; some are quite rough, while others reflect the true picture of having paradise on earth.

Beaches with clear water are the greatest source of relaxing your soul. They give inner peace and energize your mind and body positively, to cope up with daily chores of life. Swimming under these crystal clear water supplements the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body. Sun rays are the best element to fulfill vitamin deficiency by providing you essential nutrients for healthy bones, strong metabolism, a perfect immune system, and a healthy mind.

Clearwater beaches are filled with marvelous minerals like magnesium, iodine, and potassium that strengthens your body to fight infections related to skin and other infected areas. Also, these minerals play a significant role in boosting your metabolism.

Another interesting fact related to swimming under the sea is that the presence of natural salt in the water gives you smooth hair by removing oil particles from your hair and scalp, thus helping you get rid of dandruff. A

ll the sport and thrilling activities done over the beachside facilitates you to burn your calories.

Whether you swim, sail, dive, walk, or hike, it reduces your body weight. Finally, spending long peaceful hours listening to music, reading a book, or exploring sea life, you will definitely have a marvelous goodnight sleep.

If you think that exploring these highly nutrient clear water beaches and taking a break once in a lifetime is worthy enough, then definitely plan your next trip to this breath-taking, lush tropical beaches, and lakes, covered with greenery and huge mountain peaks. Follow your heart, and it will surely lead your way to the beach.

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