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How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress? WordPress is known as a diverse software that can be manipulated and modified at will.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress Fast & Secure The Easiest Way Ever To Clone Your Pages!

When you create a new site or manage an old site, you often need to create multiple pages and publications with the same design and layout. This is especially the case when creating important brand pages, product pages for an online store or creating a series of blog posts about a specific topic.

Of course, since there is no duplicate button available in WordPress, you will probably end up creating, editing and customizing each page manually so that they look the same. As you can imagine, it can be a lengthy process. What would happen if we said that you can duplicate WordPress pages and posts almost instantly with just one click and without having to manually create and edit pages?

Well, it is certainly possible! We will show you how.

WordPress is known as a diverse software that can be manipulated and modified at will. Any individual technology expert can access and modify the software without legal repercussions. Fortunately, an action as simple as duplicating a page or publication requires no modification. This means that someone on the line has made it possible to duplicate WordPress pages and posts.

Steps to Duplicate a Page in WordPress in 2020

Have you ever faced a situation where you want to update your current page with a new design but want to keep the content intact for future use?

You can also use copy/paste and save all content in a draft, but that wouldn’t move SEO optimization, page templates, featured images, and other associated data. There are also events where you want to clone your existing blog/page just to make some adjustments to one copy and compare it to the previous version. Well, there may be numerous circumstances where you just need to duplicate a WordPress page or post!

It’s useless to invest your time twice when you can save it by simply duplicating the desired WordPress page or post with a single click. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to duplicate a page in WordPress with the help of add-ons, as it’s the easiest and easiest way to do this. Let’s start.

Method 1: Use the Duplicate Page and Publish Plugin

Duplicate Page and Publishing are similar to the Duplicate Publishing Add-on. The add-in is easy to use and is frequently updated. You can quickly duplicate the page and publication, making sure nothing else changes while you duplicate or clone the page.

Follow these steps outlined below to clone a WordPress page in seconds.

  • Step 1: Go to the WordPress plugin repository page and enter the name of the plugin or get it here.
  • Step 2: Install and enable the Duplicate Page and Publishing plug-in.
  • Step 3: Now go to Pages -> All Pages if you want to clone any of the pages.
    To clone a post, go to Post -> All posts.
  • Step 4: Place the cursor on any of the pages or publications you want to clone. You will see a new option “Clone Me”, click it.
  • Step 5: Finally, you will see a copy of the page in a new editor where you can make new changes and save them to your draft or post them later.

Method 2: Test the Post Duplicator Plugin

If for some reason you are not comfortable using the add-ons mentioned above, try the Post Duplicator add-on. The add-on does about the same job of cloning and duplicating your WordPress pages and posts. Duplicating the page or publishing this add-on will take care of the custom field and custom taxonomies. The process of page duplication is also similar. After installing the plug-in, hovering over you will see a new “Duplicate Page” option. Click on this option and instantly your page will be cloned.

Method 3: Duplicate / Clone Page / WordPress Publishing Without an Add-On

If you don’t want to load your WordPress site with unnecessary add-ons, this is a great way to duplicate pages without using third-party add-ons. When writing a WordPress post, you have two options: HTML and text.

Here we will use the HTML option to quickly replicate important pages without using any add-ons.

  • Step 1: Open the page or publication you want to duplicate.
  • Step 2: Go to the HTML code section in the upper right corner of the editor.
  • Step 3: Press Ctrl + A and copy all content present on the page with Ctrl + C.
  • Step 4: Create a new page or post and open the editor.
  • Step 5: Finally, press Ctrl + V and paste the code and press Publish.

With this method, you can quickly duplicate any page without using any add-ons.

What is the purpose of duplication?

  1. Imagine that you are creating an online store with many similar product pages that use the same page layout, content format, and layout. Or maybe you are creating a series of blog posts that share the same format and design
  2. In such cases, you usually need to manually create pages from scratch. Because WordPress does not have a duplicate function built into the host system. Creating two or three pages this way will not be a problem. But creating dozens of pages or publications this way can be painful. Fortunately, there is a simple way to duplicate WordPress publications and pages while keeping all format, style, and design intact.
  3. For those who have used WordPress to create a website, the time will come when it will be necessary to update or modify existing publications. Of course, you don’t want to change it to the point of losing your SEO traffic.
  4. Either way, editing published pages can be risky, but not so much if you are using clones on those pages. As it will work on cloning pages, the original version will remain intact. Therefore, you can check again if you need to.

Duplication can also be useful when one or more people are working on the same existing pages. Better yet, you can compare duplicates with the original version to determine which one will work best for your site.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress Fast

In conclusion

Note that these two-page duplication methods will not work with the pages and publications you create using page creator add-ons, such as Elementor or Visual Composer. However, page generator add-ons already have built-in functions for saving and exporting page layouts as templates. You can import templates saved on new blank pages more easily.

How to duplicate a page in wordpress

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