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How to make money as a blogger? This latest guide 2020 will cover points that will answer the most asked question that is how to make money by a blogger.

How to Make Money As a Blogger Be Your Own Boss

The answer is Blogging! It requires to work from home and laser-focus on the topic to share creative talents, but then the next question came in mind how to make serious money as a blogger? If someone is looking to enhance the income by creating a blog that will upkeep their lifestyle, then be prepared to put in the efforts to make money in the long-run.

How to Start Blogging and Make Money ( Sure-Fire Strategies To Catapult Your Success ) 2019

How Blogging Makes Money (Frequently Asked Questions and Resources 2019)

1 Picking a Blog Niche

The first and most crucial step is choosing a profitable topic for the blog. Don’t take this step without planning and proper research. Select the one in which you are most interested in otherwise, there are hundreds of topics out there, and the deep search will help in finding the one that will be highly-demanding in the future.

Also, some niches are virtually unknown and small. Some topics are broad and have much to talk about or work on. Some niche is hard to make money as compared to others. This is the reason that researching before selecting a topic is very important.

2 Select The Blogging Platform

After all the research and working on niche selection, now it’s time to start gathering all the elements for launching and monetizing a blog. The first step of this phase is selecting a platform for the blog. There are many good options in the market; some of them are WordPress, Blogger, medium, etc.

3 Choose Your Blog Domain Name

The severe bloggers who want to make money off blogging must have a custom domain name. Look for a relevant but short (keyword-rich, if possible) domain name that reflects the blog niche. Use a well-known TLD (top-level domain) like .com, .co, or .net.

4 Pick The Hosting Site

The no. #1 best way to choose a web hosting companies 2020… GoDaddy, HostGator, A2 Hosting, 1&1 Hosting are a few reliable options that provide the source for domains. These companies offer different package plans so pick the one that ensures the up-time and service-level guarantee and is budget-friendly.


And then comes selecting a website hosting service. Now, that’s another task which requires a little more effort because many companies offer different yearly hosting plans. So choose the pocket-friendly one and meet the blogging requirements. Start with opting for the basic idea, and by the time you will learn what package to opt-in accordance with the blog needs.

5 Creating Blog Content

After fulfilling all the initial formalities now, your blog is ready to be served. But serve it with excellent quality content for the readers. The reason why content must be of a high standard is that on the Internet, the number of blog posts is published every day in millions.

It creates a competitive atmosphere among the bloggers to attract readers’ attention towards their blog post.

When creating content for the blog, remember these things in mind that the posts are in-depth, must look good, entertaining, well-formatted, use relevant images for the posts and expand on the points provide links to the other blog posts.

6 Build The Audience

The quest for how to make money as a blogger is not finished yet. With quality content comes more traffic, and more traffic means making more money. A blogger with a large group of readers makes money quickly. Gathering the audience is the hard part which the blogger needs to work on. Let’s discuss it.

How to make money from blogging

7 Blog Promotion

After creating excellent quality content, now is the time to let more people know about the posts by promoting the blog. There are various ways for blog promotion.

  •  Search Engine Optimization: SEO is now a lot tougher than it used to be and is one of the most elegant forms of increasing organic traffic. Search engine optimization is especially useful for those bloggers who sell products/services.

Some bloggers hire freelancers or other companies providing who provide SEO services, but usually, people learn and do it on their own. The Internet is full of free online tutorials, guides, and workshops on SEO.

  • Social Media: Traffic from social media sites has made blog promotion a lot easier. The result depends upon the target audience of a blog. If the blog is designed for the visual audience, then it has more potential traffic from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If the target readers are business and professional readers, then, it requires to focus on Google+ and LinkedIn. There are a variety of Plugins for those who use the WordPress platform for blogging. But using many or unnecessary plugins at a time slows down the blog and makes it more vulnerable to attacks. So it’s better to give high priority to the social sharing plugin.

  • Paid Advertisement: Another excellent option for those who want to know how to earn money as a blogger is to promote a blog by paying for clicks. With this method, a blogger has the opportunity to pay right away for the clicks and traffic. And if targeting the audience on the right platforms is done well, then with advertising, it becomes easy to build the audience to supplement the organic efforts.
  • Build an Email List: Once a fan base is developed, then it becomes necessary to retain them to build a personal brand. Usually, the first time when readers come, they read an article and leave or forget the blog forever, even if they have liked the content.

So to make them your regular visitor, start gathering their email addresses. There are many tools for this service, such as GetResponce or Awebber, and send them emails regarding the new areas covered in the content.

8 Affiliate Marketing

Now essential blog building tools are covered; let’s have an overview of some best ways to start earning by monetizing the blog. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based type of advertising where the business owners reward affiliates for bringing customers to the company through independent advertising efforts of the affiliate.

In affiliate marketing, the merchant, network, customer, and publisher are the four key players.

The world of affiliate marketing has evolved due to its increasing complexity. And now a subset of players is added, which include super-affiliates, affiliate management agencies, and third-party vendors.

Affiliate advertising can be done in conjunction with many online marketing mechanisms.

Some of them are content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), SEO, display advertising, and email marketing. Affiliates also do product or services review, which is a less traditional marketing method.

Affiliate advertising is often confused with referral marketing. It is the expected case because third-party involvement exists in both modes. Again, there are several online tutorials on affiliate marketing for bloggers who want to earn money from their blogs.

9 Services

Almost everyone possesses a skill that is needed by the businesses, and offering expertise and time on that skill for them is one of the best ways to make money as a blogger. In terms of profit, services have the highest margin as there is no need to sell a physical product. And income depends on the number of hours a blogger is available for assistance.

·   Training and Consultation: One of the highly profitable methods to generate online income is to promote expertise by offering consultancy or training to the businesses. Whether someone is a marketing guru, customer services whiz, or excel master build own profile on the blog.

·   Design: Some people are gifted with creating designs, and if they know how to illustrate ideas digitally, then there are a lot of opportunities for them. They can offer their services to other bloggers and businesses. These designing services can include logo designing, Infographics creation, or photo-editing. Bloggers can use their blogs to demonstrate their skills, which results in getting clients.

·   Writing: The demand for writers is enormous, as so many businesses run their blogs. Update your blog with creative content to promote your services. Other than writing, a blogger can provide similar services, such as editing and proofreading.

10 Products & Services

Online product selling is a way to scale up online earning. It can be selling physical as well as digital products.

  • Physical Products: Selling physical products online has now become easier and cheaper by creating a store online with platforms such as Woo-commerce, Shopify, Etsy, and Wix. But this setup is hard to handle as it requires managing affairs such as distance selling laws and local taxes, storage, and shipping of products. To resolve this headache, find a suitable drop-shipping service, which helps to lessen this burden.
  • Digital Products: To avoid the problem that comes with dealing with the storing and shipping of products, then go for selling digital products to make money as a blogger and scale up the business. It can include anything from creating recipes, knitting patterns, to productivity software, and even selling training courses electronically on the blog.
  • Membership Sites: Bloggers with an active community who is looking to learn more from their writings create an opportunity to start a paid membership plan for readers. This would require paying a fee to get access to extra or advanced content on particular topics on the blog.

If someone wants to take their hobby blog for pro, they must invest in training, willing to work hard, and stick to it for the long haul. Then wait for a year or more to attract the audience to be able to monetize the blog and make money.

All it requires is taking the right steps and hard work to achieve the goals. But it can take months and sometimes years to achieve those goals and get a significant return on the efforts and time; a blogger invested into starting a blog.

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