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How to Make Money from Instagram The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Easy Steps to Make Money from Instagram

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app but has quickly upgraded itself into a great platform for business. The last two years have specifically been a huge success for Instagram with over 700 million people users. The growth can be attributed to several factors but introduction of Instagram stories in year 2016 is definitely one of the most powerful factors.

With such remarkable growth, it’s obvious that brands are using a large sum of their budget on the Instagram advertisement. You must have seen or heard stories about how people earn through uploading pictures and maybe you must have wondered “How can I do the same?

First thing first: Before answering how to make money from Instagram? you need to first ask yourself about your followers because, in the end, they are the money bringers.

Do you have enough followers 2020?

Now by “enough” we don’t mean 1 million or 10k, even if you have 1000 good, engaging followers you are good to go. However, you should keep trying to build up more audiences while simultaneously update your profile.

Optimize Your Profile

The very first step to making money from Instagram is optimizing your site for the targeted audience. The following are some simple steps to enhance your Instagram’s visitors’ experience.

  • Complete your profile and leave nothing

The silliest thing you can do with your profile is leaving it incomplete. Keep a good name and most important fill your bio. Tell people what you do specifically and how your page is beneficial for them. Don’t use complex, long names. Use relevant hashtags so it’s easier to find your profile. And most importantly update your contact info including email, URL of your site, your phone number (if you want).

  • Take good photos

Instagram is all about pictures so it’s essential to emphasize that your picture quality should be good. You can use good camera phones or if you really want to invest, you can even get a DSLR.

You don’t want your followers to forget who you are by posting once in a blue moon. Make a schedule and most at least 3-4 photos per day, you can play with this number and post according to your wish

I believe hashtags are the second most important thing on Instagram after pictures. Relevant hashtags help people search you easily and will eventually help you increase your followers. You can start with some common ones relevant for your field and then you can even come up with your own hashtags.

  • Engage

Make time daily to interact with your followers, address their queries if they have any, show gratitude, and be kind to them. If you are authentic and nice more people will be drawn towards you. Needless to say, you don’t have to be just kind and nice to attract followers, do it anyways!

How to Make Money from Instagram Dough star

Raw cookie in form of star and flour splashes over hands of woman cooking homemade pastry

Once you have boosted your follower account and got yourself some sweet engaging followers you are ready for the real question.

How Make Serious Money from Instagram

Now that you’ve done everything in your hand to optimize your Instagram profile, now is the right time to monetize it accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing by Becoming an Influencer

“Influencer” is a pretty common term used these days. An influencer is someone who is famous online, who inspires people by his or her content. He is trendsetter or trusted expert or simply a motivator that is beloved by people. Most of the brand lacks the charisma to attract people with their words or content and therefore once you have good followings you can affiliate yourself to brands.

Affiliation with a brand means signing up with a brand and using your Instagram account to promote its products. A lot of bloggers use this technique to earn money. However, this can be tricky if you have to advertise brands that your followers might not be into but if Instagram is not your sole source of income and you are just doing it for additional money, you’ll have freedom to select whichever brand you’re more comfortable with.

How much can you earn from this?

It totally depends upon which brand you are advertising. Most bloggers promote brands in exchange for fees, free products, coupons or gifts however you should keep in mind before finalizing any deal that you are just not promoting a brand, you are giving them access to your audience which will help them increase their business. Some brands even offer $200 to $400 per post because it means that much to them.

Popular Affiliate Marketplaces

Here is the list of some marketplaces that you can affiliate with:

ClickBank: A huge market with a variety of categories, no matter your niche you can find items to promote and earn money
Amazon Associates: This is especially great for newcomers. Amazon offers a huge diversity of products and offers 10% of every referral sale.

  • ShareASale: With over 3900+ dealers and an easy 5 step sign up page, ShareASale is a great option to register yourself, pick a product to promote and earn in no time at all.
  • MaxBounty: You can choose from over 1500+ campaigns and the sellers here generally pay more.

Sell Your Photos

Instagram is all about photos so why not use this asset to earn money. Yes, you can actually sell your uploaded photos and get paid. You can put your watermark on photos and put them for sale on the following sites:

  • Community Foap

  • Twenty20

Unfortunately, these are just the two sites that can offer you money for selling your photos although you can always take one step forward and print your pictures on shirts, pillows or phone cases. You can easily take a breathtaking picture of a beautiful sunset and print it out for phone cases. “Teelaunch” and “Printful” provide services for such work and can help you earn money.

Open an Online Store

Up till now we discussed how you can sale other brand’s products and earn but if you are brave and creative enough you can even start selling your own products. Entrepreneurship is the latest trend. Starting your own business does require some capital so you invest in your products, you will also need a storeroom or a warehouse where you can keep your products but, in the end, if it takes off, it’s a great deal.
You don’t have to worry about satisfying brands or challenging your integrity.

Here are some of the ways that you can earn with your own business:

Print out of famous lines or pictures from your account on shirts, pillows, coffee mugs. For example, there are a bunch on Instagrammers that print pictures of their pets looking cute on shirts, or getting coffee mugs made of famous lines from movies is also a pretty common thing

Sell digital products like courses or e-books. A lot of people offer online courses for different things like photography, content writing, and languages. E-books are also very common things nowadays especially with an increasing amount of Instagrammer producing funny comics (memes) and compiling them in an e-book. People who follow them, love these kinds of stuff.

You can sell your artwork or pictures and direct people to contact you through email or add a link to your official website.

You can take a step further with the Instagram feature: shopping on Instagram. This helps by enabling tags on products. Although before enabling this, you need to have Instagram business account, A Facebook page, and an approved Facebook shop. All of this can be set up free of cost.

Sell Dropshipped Product

If you can’t afford to have a warehouse or a storeroom, this option is more preferred for you. In this model, once you have made a deal with a buyer, your supplier will drop the product directly to their house. You don’t have to worry about storing or packaging or shipping.

Shopify eCommerce platform provides 14 days free dropshipping app. There’s another Shopify app called Oberlo that’s free forever and is also a great app for dropshipping. This is a great idea for anyone who is new to selling products and isn’t yet sure which products will make a good sell and so this method avoids wasting capital on buying excess products and storing them

Make Sponsored Posts

You can money using Instagram by making Sponsored posts for brands. It is basically content in a form of video or a picture that highlights a brand. Now, this is not a very easy thing to earn money from since most of the brands already have professionals working for them to create sponsored content, although some companies do reach out to Instagrammers for this, from time to time.

All you have to do is upload a picture or video that promotes the brand and mentioning the name of the brand in the caption with @ or # or by mentioning their links. This part is also tricky because it is important that any brand you promote, matches your personality. Currently, there are only 2 main platforms for this work:

TapInfluence: A great place for people who are looking for sponsored content. The great thing about this is you don’t have to work hard to look around brands for your preference. You just have to make a profile that tells them about you and your content and different brands that are interested in working with you will contact you.

Influenz: It is another tool that can help you. You can search the campaign made by different brands and chose your own preferred brand to promote.

Sell your Account

Now, this is obviously an extreme step and not for people who are in love with their Instagram, however, if you are one of those people who are done with their account and don’t want to do anything on Instagram, you can still use it to earn money. All your hard work will not be wasted.

“Fame swap” and “Viral accounts” are two of the best sites for these matters. You can trust them with your account and get to earn money.

Why Use Instagram for Money Making 2020

If after reading this entire article, you are still unsure about why Instagram is a good place to earn revenue. When there are clearly other platforms too, so my friend maybe little statistics will help us answer this question of yours.

Instagram has reached a growth of 1 billion people which is just half the number of people that use Facebook. It’s impressive because it has only been around for 8 years. Here are some more stats about Instagram popularity and power

1 billion people are active every month whereas 500 million every year. That’s a huge number!

Around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. This shows the importance of Instagram as a business platform

There are 2 million Instagram advertisers every month!

People spend more and more time on Instagram every year. It increases by up to 80% per year. That’s a crazy amount. And as the screen time increases so is the likelihood of business to flourish

So, there is no doubt that people have made a good sum of money with this platform and it’s not just people with the highest followers because even if you have a huge following who doesn’t engage in your post then there is no point. I mean obviously, if you want to be an influencer, yes. You need that popularity. We just meant it’s no point if you want to make money.

Final Verdict

Always remember, there is no such thing as a stupid business idea. People earn a lot by posting pictures of their pet being cute, making videos about them eating different foods and making them wear cute outfits. Other people earn by uploading slime videos with aesthetic background and those satisfying sounds that keep you glued on their page and by eventually selling those slimes. Some people earn by making e-books of their comics, some by selling clothes or jewelry or shoes.

There are hundreds of ways to earn through this platform.

You can use these ideas or create your own. Either way, once you have a sizeable amount of audience you can use the above mentioned 6 steps to earn money. Although, you should always keep working on increasing your follower count with attractive content because in business, the more the merrier, right?

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