How To Make Money Online (Fast & Serious) On #Instagram 1 billion people are active every month whereas 500 million every year. That’s a huuuuuge number!

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Uncover How to Make Money Online Who Else Wants To Be a Part Of This Kind Of Success? Learn How to Make a Fortune (from Other People’s Stuffs) in 2020

With the rapid advancement of the internet, it has now possible to earn passive income online. We will do an in-depth analysis and know in detail about the different exciting avenues through which you can make real money online.

This business model is called: (Affiliate Marketing) The Easiest & Cheapest Way To Make Money in 2020 and 2021  ( The #Truth About Affiliate Marketing )

How to Make Real Money Online Faster

In fact, Affiliate Marketing is one of the cheapest as well as the easiest ways to earn money as here you do not have to create  a product. In this field, the foremost task that you need to do is to sign up and create your affiliate link that makes a connection between buyers and sellers and you will get your commission when the sale is made.

How to make money online Pattiliate

New Online Affiliate Strategy

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by advertising or promoting other people’s (or companies’) stuffs. Read everything on this page.

Here’s How it’s Designed to Work:

  • 1. Someone else creates the product & sales process…
  • 2. You just send people who might be interested to their site…
  • 3. You earn commissions every time someone purchases!
  • No Building your own wordpress websites
  • No Techie stuff
  • No Taking weeks to get started
  • No Huge barriers to entry
  • No Prior experience needed
  • No Customer support
  • No Figuring Out Payment processing

Popular Affiliate Marketplaces (Register Free)

Here is the list of some marketplaces that you can affiliate with:

  • ClickBank: A huge market with a variety of categories, no matter your niche you can find items to promote and earn serious money.
  • Amazon Associates: This is especially great for newcomers. Amazon offers a huge diversity of products and offers 10% of every referral sale.
  • ShareASale: With over 3900+ dealers and an easy 5 step sign up page, ShareASale is a great option to register yourself, pick a product to promote and earn in no time at all.
  • MaxBounty: You can choose from over 1500+ campaigns and the sellers here generally pay more.

Top ClickBank Affiliate Program Alternatives 2020 How To Make Money Online Faster

Investment Network

Now, Think BIG & Make Money Like a Future Millionaire (Discover How To Make Serious Money Online with Social Media by 2021)

1. Make Money Online With YouTube 

YouTube is one of the most famous sites out there. It is the first-go-to site for anyone looking for videos. With the tight economy, earning from YouTube can be a source of additional income. You can even turn in to a famous star. However with good quality content and constant posting, you can earn good amount of money on YouTube.

How much money can I make from YouTube? This might be a tricky question to answer but to put it simply: it depends on the viewers. Famous YouTubers earn multi-millions of dollars every year from their YouTube channel, however, this might not be the case for everyone. However, a simple break down states: $1.50 every 1000 views meaning $1500 for 1 million views! Okay, now let’s get down to steps that you need to follow in order to make money on YouTube

Setting up an account

First thing first, you need to set up an account or in YouTube terminology, a channel. The email ID is the same as that of Google account and once you make a channel, the most important thing is to pick a user name. Always remember you can change your username a maximum of 3 times after which you have to wait 90 days before you can re-change it.

Make sure your username is: Short and easy: long, complicating username is usually hard to find.

There are two types of people in the YouTube world. The first category of people thinks YouTube is a place to find tutorial videos, watch music videos or a place to pass their time. Then comes the second category of people who take YouTube as a platform to earn money. However, many people do not know about this but YouTube is a great source of income. So today we will focus on certain ways in which you can understand how to make money online with YouTube.

  • Content Creators: If you have a plan or an idea that can make good content for a video then you should make one and upload it, then see the reaction of the crowd. You never know maybe your video can go viral and make you a lot of money. In order to know how to make money online with YouTube, you have to understand the new trends in the society and keep a close watch on it so that you can create new and innovative videos using them. For example, vlogs, vines, music channels, pranking channels, doing dares, etc. can attract a lot of people to your videos.
  • Beauty Gurus: Knowing how to do makeup is also a big advantage for you because you can post videos about your makeup skills and earn a lot of money from it. Nowadays, where the cosmetics industry is in its peak and every woman or LGBTQ is obsessed with makeup, a video about it would definitely catch some views. Another way to know how to make money online with YouTube is from the sponsors who are readily available to back your videos and give you PR packages for free. Here these people will provide you with free makeup products for you to give your opinion upon and they will pay you for it too.
  • Gaming Channels: Are you a gamer who wants his or her gaming skills to be recognized? Have you ever thought that playing Fortnite, Pubg, Call of Duty, etc. can make you money? Yes, they can, here is how you can do so. All you have to do is record yourself playing and show your skills, then upload them; if your content is liked by people you will have a lot of views as well as you can generate income from the advertisements played on YouTube before, after and in between your videos.
  • Showcase You Dressing Skills: Here people buy or are sponsored to show how designer clothes and accessories look. They try on different types of clothes like dresses, skirts, pants, tops and t-shirts, shoes, boots, heels and many more. They also buy cheap designer clothes and accessories to show how genuine they are.
  • Podcast Channels: If you know film making or cinematography, then you can make web series and upload them on YouTube. Remember that these web series must have interesting content or else they will have no views. Dead End Days was a web series that aired from 2003 – 2004, it is said to have been the first podcast ever made. You can also make a group of individuals and discuss or argue about debatable issues. This will also fetch your views and subscribers.

YouTube is a vast stage where you can show your skills and earn money from it. Above mentioned points are some great and innovative ideas from where you can learn how to make money online with YouTube.

Understanding your Audience

All of the above-mentioned efforts are just so that you can earn subscribers that will eventually help you earn money as we mentioned earlier, more viewers more money. Once you have earned some viewers, it’s a good idea to look at your demographic in order to understand your audience and make content according them.

The demographic includes:

  • Age: To see the ranges in which your audience fall into. If they are youth, children or older, people
  • Gender: If your videos are viewed by more males or females?
  • Geographic location: This can help you understand the diversity of your audience and can also broaden your niche to include people that are different from your geographical area. This will also help attract more people from the following area
  • Watch time: Engagement of audience during watching your videos. This helps understand the length of the videos before people start leaving.

All of this will help you understand your audience for not just producing relevant content but also give an idea about which brands you can work with in order to maximize their sales.

Monetize your Videos

Once you have met the required number of 4000 watch hours in previous 12 months and 1000 subscribes, your next step is to monetize your videos. This means you are allowing YouTube to put ads in your videos and in return they will pay you. This is also an acknowledgment from your side there is no copyrighted content in your account. To monetize your account:

  • Go to “My channel” on YouTube.
  • Click on “video manager” on the top bar
  • Click Channel and “Enable” monetization

You can even monetize your old videos. Go to the video manager and hit “$” next to the video you want to monetize.

2. Make Money Online #Instagram

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app but has quickly upgraded itself into a great platform for business. The last two years have specifically been a huge success for Instagram with over 700 million people users. The growth can be attributed to several factors but introduction of Instagram stories in year 2016 is definitely one of the most powerful factors.

With such remarkable growth, it’s obvious that brands are using a large sum of their budget on the Instagram advertisement. You must have seen or heard stories about how people earn through uploading pictures and maybe you must have wondered (How can I do the same?)

First thing first: Before answering how to make money from Instagram? you need to first ask yourself about your followers because, in the end, they are the money bringers. Do you have enough followers?

Now by “enoughwe don’t mean 1 million or 10k, even if you have 1000 good, engaging followers you are good to go. However, you should keep trying to build up more audiences while simultaneously update your profile.

  • Optimize Your Profile The very first step to making money from Instagram is optimizing your site for the targeted audience. The following are some simple steps to enhance your Instagram’s visitors’ experience.
  • Complete Your Profile and leave nothing The silliest thing you can do with your profile is leaving it incomplete. Keep a good name and most important fill your bio. Tell people what you do specifically and how your page is beneficial for them. Don’t use complex, long names. Use relevant hashtags so it’s easier to find your profile. And most importantly update your contact info including email, URL of your site, your phone number (if you want).
  • Take good photos Instagram is all about pictures so it’s essential to emphasize that your picture quality should be good. You can use good camera phones or if you really want to invest, you can even get a DSLR.
  • Post regularly You don’t want your followers to forget who you are by posting once in a blue moon. Make a schedule and most at least 3-4 photos per day, you can play with this number and post according to your wish
  • Hashtags 2020 We believe hashtags are the second most important thing on Instagram after pictures. Relevant hashtags help people search you easily and will eventually help you increase your followers. You can start with some common ones relevant for your field and then you can even come up with your own hashtags.
  • Engage  Make time daily to interact with your followers, address their queries if they have any, show gratitude, and be kind to them. If you are authentic and nice more people will be drawn towards you. Needless to say, you don’t have to be just kind and nice to attract followers, do it anyways!

How to Earn from Instagram

Now that you’ve done everything in your hand to optimize your Instagram profile, now is the right time to monetize it accordingly. Affiliate Marketing by Becoming an Influencer

“Influencer” is a pretty common term used these days. An influencer is someone who is famous online, who inspires people by his or her content. He is trendsetter or trusted expert or simply a motivator that is beloved by people. Most of the brand lacks the charisma to attract people with their words or content and therefore once you have good followings you can affiliate yourself to brands.

Affiliation with a brand means signing up with a brand and using your Instagram account to promote its products. A lot of bloggers use this technique to earn money. However, this can be tricky if you have to advertise brands that your followers might not be into but if Instagram is not your sole source of income and you are just doing it for additional money, you’ll have freedom to select whichever brand you’re more comfortable with.

It totally depends upon which brand you are advertising. Most bloggers promote brands in exchange for fees, free products, coupons or gifts however you should keep in mind before finalizing any deal that you are just not promoting a brand, you are giving them access to your audience which will help them increase their business. Some brands even offer $200 to $400 per post because it means that much to them.

Here are some of the ways that you can earn with your own business:

Print out of famous lines or pictures from your account on shirts, pillows, coffee mugs. For example, there are a bunch on Instagrammers that print pictures of their pets looking cute on shirts, or getting coffee mugs made of famous lines from movies is also a pretty common thing.

  • Sell digital products like courses or e-books. A lot of people offer online courses for different things like photography, content writing, and languages. E-books are also very common things nowadays especially with an increasing amount of Instagrammer producing funny comics (memes) and compiling them in an e-book. People who follow them, love these kinds of stuff.
  • You can sell your artwork or pictures and direct people to contact you through email or add a link to your official website.
  • You can take a step further with the Instagram feature: shopping on Instagram. This helps by enabling tags on products. Although before enabling this, you need to have Instagram business account, A Facebook page, and an approved Facebook shop. All of this can be set up free of cost.
  • Shopify eCommerce platform provides 14 days free dropshipping app. There’s another Shopify app called Oberlo that’s free forever and is also a great app for dropshipping. This is a great idea for anyone who is new to selling products and isn’t yet sure which products will make a good sell and so this method avoids wasting capital on buying excess products and storing them
  • Make Sponsored Posts You can money using Instagram by making Sponsored posts for brands. It is basically content in a form of video or a picture that highlights a brand. Now, this is not a very easy thing to earn money from since most of the brands already have professionals working for them to create sponsored content, although some companies do reach out to Instagrammers for this, from time to time. All you have to do is upload a picture or video that promotes the brand and mentioning the name of the brand in the caption with @ or # or by mentioning their links. This part is also tricky because it is important that any brand you promote, matches your personality. Currently, there are only 2 main platforms for this work:
  • TapInfluence: A great place for people who are looking for sponsored content. The great thing about this is you don’t have to work hard to look around brands for your preference. You just have to make a profile that tells them about you and your content and different brands that are interested in working with you will contact you.
  • Influenz: It is another tool that can help you. You can search the campaign made by different brands and chose your own preferred brand to promote. “Fame swap” and “Viral accounts” are two of the best sites for these matters. You can trust them with your account and get to earn money.

Instagram has reached a growth of 1 billion people which is just half the number of people that use Facebook. It’s impressive because it has only been around for 8 years. Here are some more stats about Instagram popularity and power.

1 billion people are active every month whereas 500 million every year. That’s a huge number! Around 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. This shows the importance of Instagram as a business platform

  • There are 2 million Instagram advertisers every month!
  • People spend more and more time on Instagram every year. It increases by up to 80% per year. That’s a crazy amount. And as the screen time increases so is the likelihood of business to flourish

So, there is no doubt that people have made a good sum of money with this platform and it’s not just people with the highest followers because even if you have a huge following who doesn’t engage in your post then there is no point. We mean obviously, if you want to be an influencer, yes. You need that popularity.

We just meant it’s no point if you want to make money. You can use these ideas or create your own. Either way, once you have a sizeable amount of audience you can use the above mentioned Although, you should always keep working on increasing your follower count with attractive content because in business, the more the merrier, right?

3. Make Money Online with Pinterest

Pinterest is generally known as a social network, but it looks more like a search engine. People check Pinterest to get ideas and specifically to buy things! 87% of users bought something they found on Pinterest and 93% say they used Pinterest to plan future purchases. That means it’s easy and natural to promote great products on Pinterest without looking like spam.

Plus, your Pinterest pins stay forever. It’s not like Twitter, where your message disappears in the ether just minutes after you tweet it. If a pin goes up and gets a lot of repeats, it will keep popping up in people’s feeds without effort on their part.

Is Pinterest marketing legitimate?

You may have heard of mixed information about affiliate links on Pinterest. This is because they were allowed and then banned for a period thanks to the abuse of spammers. Now, since May 2016, they are officially allowed again.

You should not abuse the system and be careful not to be as spam like you. Don’t use misleading images or descriptions to trick people into clicking on your links. Don’t flood Pinterest with hundreds of affiliate pins without repainting other content. And be especially careful to follow the rules if you are invited to a meeting group. You can check out the Pinterest community guidelines for more information.

As long as you follow the rules, there is no reason not to use affiliate links on Pinterest. Done right, it’s simply helping people find the products or information they find on Pinterest. So how can you get started?
Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

1. Create a Pinterest account:

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can start with it. You do not need a special account to do this. It’s an advantage if you already have an established account with a few followers, even if they are few. I recommend having a business account. You can also change your existing personal account to a business account.

A Pinterest business account offers only a few additional features, such as statistics and basic analytics. You don’t have to be a business, not even a blogger, to have a business account. I used both for affiliate marketing and saw some success in both.

If you created a new Pinterest account for this, you need to fill it in a little so that it doesn’t look empty. I recommend creating 10-20 panels on topics that interest you and/or where you want to promote products. This can be from baby clothes to interior design and bodybuilding!

Then connect at least 20 to 30 pins to each card. Don’t worry about affiliate marketing right now. Simply repaint other people’s pins to complete your profile.

2. Sign up for affiliate programs:

Now that you have a Pinterest profile, you need to find great products to post from companies that will pay for you!
Many different companies pay affiliate commissions. Almost any major retailer that comes to mind has its affiliate program. My number one affiliate program recommended for Pinterest’s overall marketing is called MagicLinks.

MagicLinks is amazing because it spans thousands of different retailers in one program. This means you don’t have to waste time signing up for different affiliate programs separately. There are well-known stores like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, and hundreds of sites I’ve never heard of, such as (tattoos are a surprisingly big market on Pinterest!)

You will need a minimum of 100 Pinterest followers to participate in MagicLinks if this is your only promotion method. So first work on creating your profile if you’re new to Pinterest.

3. Start setting up your affiliate products:

Okay, you have set up your Pinterest profile and joined some affiliate programs. The next step is to start posting images of the products you want to promote on Pinterest!

You can anchor the image directly on the reseller website or use a free image editor such as Canva to create beautiful pins with text overlays and other effects. Just make sure that the link associated with the pin is your unique affiliate link. This means that you will get paid if someone buys the product you set.

If you use MagicLinks, this is very easy. They have a pin button on each product page, which allows you to post images directly from your site with the embedded affiliate link. Be sure to use the full unformatted affiliate link form. Avoid link shorteners such as or Pretty Link.

Pinterest has recommended that shortened links not always be tracked correctly, which means commissions may be lost. You can promote any type of product on Pinterest. In my Boost My Budget account, I promoted several blogs related digital products and made money online. In my account, I promote physical products like clothes, accessories and household items. I made sales on both during the first month.

If you already have a Pinterest profile, I recommend pinning products that fit your existing cards naturally. So, for example, if you have a lot of fashion boards, look at affiliate retail stores for clothes that fit the kind of thing you have already defined. This will keep your profile looking natural and spam-free. It also means that your affiliate pins are more likely to attract people who already follow you.

4. Pin lots!

Pinterest likes people who pin a lot! They especially like it when you fix the popular pins again. Repainting other people’s popular pins keeps your profile fresh and interesting to your followers and keeps them from looking like a spammer. It also means that Pinterest will show your pins more often in other people’s feeds. Pinterest rewards people who share popular things because they know you are sharing things that people want to see. So the more you set popular pins again, the more people will see their affiliate pins and the more clicks they will get!

You should try to fix things several times during the day. The Pinterest app on your phone is great for that. Also, keep in mind that not all pins will earn you money. Some pins take a while to take off and others just never share. You can’t just define something random and expect to receive money overnight.

You need to share new affiliate pins every day (preferably multiple pins!), Try out new pin designs, and eventually you’ll see commissions rolling. You can also place your pins in front of a larger audience with group boards. This is especially important for newer accounts that don’t have many followers.

At the end of the day, I don’t think there is a quick way to earn a considerable amount of money online.

However, if you play with your strengths, choose a strategy and strive, I’m sure you can make money online and diversify your sources of income with just a few months of work. I use some Pinterest affiliate marketing and the ads on my blog to monetize my Pinterest audience. It took me a while to get here and I had to learn (and now pay) to figure out how to make the platform work for me, but there are plenty of opportunities out there.

As long as you really add value to your audience and slowly increase your followers, more and more opportunities will present themselves. Just be patient, work hard and keep some irons on fire! You will make money online in no time!

4. How To Make Real Money Online with Facebook

Anyone can make money with Facebook! Like everything else in life, you must be persistent and not give up if your campaign doesn’t work the first time. For most of these suggestions, the quality of your Facebook profile will be the best way to make a first impression. Many

Facebook spammers promise the world and never deliver. You don’t want to be one of those people, because your chances of making money will be reduced.

Make sure your Facebook profile looks like a real person. Place a photo of yourself or your business badge in the photo section of your profile or cover. Also, be sure to list the correct city you live in so people don’t think you accidentally posted to the wrong group. Finally, include contact information and a link to the site, whether you have a local or online business.

Depending on how you plan to make money with Facebook, consider also creating a separate account. This way you can keep your personal and business activities separate. If you want to keep everything in one account, it’s also good if you want to be an individual seller trying an alternative to Craigslist.

How to make money ONLINE with Facebook 2020

When your profile is ready, you are ready to start making money. In many cases, you will sell items or services you already own. But we will also include some other suggestions.

1. Write a Facebook post:

If you only want to sell on your current Facebook friends, you can write a post. No “What do you have in mind?” Field, start writing what you want to sell. You can also include an image of the article. Posts are only shared with your friends, but others you don’t know can see them if your friend shares the post.

You may have seen your circles of friends selling cars, real estate, and other goods instead of going through the trouble of selling to a stranger. If you have never sold anything on Facebook, you can use your posts as an example to model your post.

Follow Up On Facebook Messenger

After a friend or group member expresses interest, continue the conversation on Facebook Messenger. This private chat messaging service lets you keep in touch with past and potential customers who haven’t made a sale for the first time. If you are constantly exchanging used items, consider these people and send a message when you finally find an item they originally wanted.

2. Join local buying and selling groups:

If you are trying to sell locally, there is a good chance you probably will not sell to a friend. This is why you should also join your local buying and selling groups. Facebook makes it easy to sell because you can usually create the post in one group and have the option to choose other groups before posting. As an example, suppose you want to sell your car. Your city or county likely has at least two different buying and selling groups that accept used car listings. Although you only post one, it appears in multiple groups and you can reach more Facebook members.

Some of the most popular groups are garage and automobile sales. To quickly find groups in your area, click “Buy and Sell Groups” from the Explore menu. You can also search group names to filter different options. Each group has different sales policies, so read the group guidelines before posting. Otherwise, group moderators can remove their posts or remove them from the group.

Create your group

If there is no local group for the items you want to sell, consider starting your group.

3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace:

Don’t forget to sell on the Facebook market too. The marketplace is a free resource for everyone where you can buy, sell or trade almost anything in your area. While not as specialized as local buying and selling groups, everyone has access to the Facebook Marketplace to easily share their posts with their friends and even find something special they are looking for.

4. Earn bonus for recommending to a friend:

Do you use an online service you love and want to share with others? Word of mouth recommendations is one of the top efficient forms of advertising. Businesses know this and that is why they offer a bonus to recommend to a friend when he enters social networks. Rakuten is a company that offers referral bonuses to a friend on social networks. You can now use them to make money with almost all online purchases! You can email invitations or click the buttons to share on your account social networks and share your referral link. If your friend should signs up through your referral link, you will earn a cash bonus!

Most companies you use regularly offer referral bonuses that you can get. Take a minute or two and see if you can make some extra money by sharing your favorite apps and websites on social networks.

5. Take part in contests:

Some companies and blogs organize contests and you can earn tickets by sharing your Facebook link or following your Facebook page. You can also join contest groups and giveaways to find the latest opportunities.
Some of the contests are usually free, so the only entry requirement is your time. Each gift is different, but you may have the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards, kitchenware or a new set of backyard grills.

6. Create live videos on Facebook:

If you don’t like cameras, Facebook Live can be another fun way to create a personal brand. You can create videos that show how you are working at home or using a product in real-time. Or you can organize a live Q&A session, where live viewers send messages for your questions and you answer them live. As Internet bandwidth speeds increase steadily, live streaming is becoming more common and YouTube is not the only video platform in town.

7. Check for critical security holes:

Facebook and other large sites always try to close security holes that could allow a hacker to break into the site. If you like testing websites, Facebook Bug Bounty lets you report coding flaws that need to be fixed. You may receive a payment for your due diligence if the failure has not yet been reported to Facebook. Even if you find a reported error, please report it anyway. It will improve the user experience for the rest of us!

8. Join Facebook groups and help others:

Another way to make money from Facebook is to join groups and help answer people’s questions. This will be a viable option for bloggers and business owners. All you need to do is finding groups that match your area of ​​expertise. In a way, these groups can be said to have replaced the role of online forums that were popular in the Internet age before Facebook.

If you are a smart investor, you can join various investment groups and help people with their various investment issues. For example, you can compare free investment apps or if you want to transfer a 401k. Even though investing is not your specialty, you can find a group that is for you. By helping people, you can build a reputation and even include links to your site to help the reader. Each page visit means more site traffic that can potentially increase your search engine ranking and maybe even earn an affiliate commission.

Like Facebook buying and selling groups, you should pay attention to the group’s posting guidelines. Unless you are a moderator, you may not be able to post affiliate links or self-promotion articles. Many groups have these policies to keep spam to a minimum, so the reader can get solid unbiased advice.  Even if you just want to list a garage sale o sell your old car and make money once, Facebook is a free and efficient way to tell others what you have for sale.

5 Make Money Online with Blogging

Almost every aspiring blogger out there wants to know how they can monetize their blog, even before they start blogging. There is nothing wrong with that, it is quite understandable that they are just being curious about the profitability of blogging. However, making money with blogging is not just about creating a post and attaching an affiliate link to it, there are some basic components you need to put in place first.

Before you can make money from blogging, you need a website, problems to solve, an email list, and a good strategy for content marketing. With all these basic things in place, you can now begin to try out different methods of blog monetization.

Here are four methods you can use to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the easiest way to make money from blogging. Maybe you use so many products in your niche, or just a few. You can possibly tell your blog readers and visitors about these products. With affiliate marketing, you can earn commissions for recommending products any time a reader clicks on one of your affiliate links and goes on to buy the product.

Get Sponsorship Deals

Just like affiliate marketing, sponsorship also involves recommending products to your audience and earning money for it. However, the difference between the two is the method of earning money. Affiliate marketing does not allow rate negotiations and you can’t earn money except someone buys a product using one of your links. Sponsorships are not like that. To get a sponsorship deal, you need to have face to face negotiations with the company whose product you’re trying to advertise. You’ll be paid an agreed amount for advertising the product on your blog, whether anyone buys it or not. The money earned from a sponsorship deal is usually bigger than that of affiliate marketing.

Create An Online Course

It’s possible for you to make a living out of affiliate marketing and sponsorship deals alone, however, the most effective way to build a sustainable business is by creating your own product and promoting it with your blog. That way, you can easily get the attention of potential customers.

One of the easiest products a blogger can create is an online course. This is because, it will be very easy to convince your readers, who are constantly learning through the contents of your blog, to buy a product that will even teach them more.

Sell Digital EBooks

There are certain topics that don’t need images or videos for you to illustrate how things can be done. Those are the kinds of topic that require an eBook. An eBook is more like a continuation of your blog, one which your audience can relate to. You can do the writing and editing by yourself, or hire a professional editor. The last step would be to distribute it, and you can do that with Easy Digital Downloads.

It can be difficult selecting which method to use first, and which ones to use at all. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. As a new blogger, the easiest way to make money is through affiliate marketing. You can start by writing reviews for affiliate products and including their affiliate links in your posts.

How To Make Money Online With Podcasting

If you have adequate skills, you are eligible for it. With the advancement of technology, several ways have come up through which we can earn money and podcasting is one of them. So, if you want to know how to make money online with podcasting, you are in the right place as we are going to give you complete guidance.

What Is Podcasting?

Well, before knowing how to make money online with podcasting, you should have adequate knowledge related to podcasting. So, podcasting is basically a kind of audio or video broadcasting where you can express yourself in various ways with the help of the internet. In this fast-paced world, entertainment has become one of the most important elements and podcasting is one of them that offers endless entertainment. You can play it while driving or working out at the gym or in any other place. An active internet connection and a

Smartphone are the basic requirements. Podcasts are very dynamic in nature and there are mainly three types of podcasts that have gained popularity nowadays.

Interview Podcast: It is a very popular podcast where you just need interviewing skills and researching skills. Here, you need to research your interviewee and make a list of questions that people want to know.

  • Solo Podcast: If you are new in this field, you must go with this format where you do not need anyone. Here, you can share your own experiences, knowledge or you can give a motivational speech. None but speaking skill is required in this format and if you have the capability to deliver whatever you want in an effective way, you will definitely get the taste of success.
  • Multi-Host Podcast: Multi-host podcast is very dynamic in nature and here more than one person is involved. This format generally consists of discussion and debate and the entertainment value of this format is higher than the other twos. So, if you are experienced enough in this field, you may start your career with this format.

How to Earn?

Making money through anything becomes complicated if you do not know the ways to earn. So, if you want to know how to make money online with podcasting, you must know the following tips:

  • Choose Topic Specifically: If you do not choose the topic carefully, you might not be successful in this field. If you choose a trending and hot topic, you will not only get the ideal audience but also sponsors as well as advertisers.
  • Make High-Quality Content: The success in this field is based on the quality of your content and it also includes the quality of your audio or video that you make. Therefore, we would recommend investing a little amount of money in order to purchase tools that will not only improve the quality of your content but also bring success.
  • Promote A Product: The best way to earn money through podcasting is by promoting a product. You can promote products as well as services of different companies and get a commission for that.
    Success and patience are inextricably related to each other. No field can bring money at the early stage and therefore, you should have patience and you have to keep working hard to see the face of success

How To Make Money Online With Freelance Writing

In this materialistic world, money plays the most important role as it helps us to lead our life in a satisfactory way. Now, the question is how you will get money. Well, in order to earn money, you have to be an expert in a specific field or domain and then you can implement your skills in different online platforms to earn money. Freelance Writing is one of them and thus we will talk about how to make money online with freelance writing.

What Is Freelance Writing?

In order to learn how to make money online with freelance writing, first, you need to know what freelance writing is. It is basically a kind of independent business where you have to work on a self-employed basis. The foremost skill that you need to have in order to become a freelance writer is writing skills. You will be paid for writing assignments for your clients and the best part is that you can set your own rate and time. Freelance writing not only brings independence in your professional life but also offers a platform where you can earn as much as possible.

It may be undoubtedly said that freelance writing is one of the best ways to earn money online. But, if you are a fresher in this field, you should have proper knowledge related to this field before stepping towards it. Freelance writing consists of many different aspects and today, we will elaborate on every field and let you know how to make money online with freelance writing.

  • Freelance Blogger: Freelance bloggers are those people who mainly write articles or blogs. Their primary focus is to create high-quality content for blogs.
  • Content Writer: Content writers always hold a better position than a freelance blogger in this particular field. They are more versatile in nature and they can write different types of content like a white paper, blog posts, eBooks, etc.
  • SEO Writer: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the role of SEO writer is to create highly optimized content for search engines like Google, Yahoo and many more.
  • Content Strategist: Content strategists are those who primarily focus on writing creative content and managing content.
  • Freelance Web Content Writer: The name itself indicates that Freelance Web Content writers are those who mainly focus on creating content for the web.
  • Ghost Writer: The role of Ghostwriter is different from others and the term is inextricably related to the word, ‘sacrifice’. Well, there is a reason behind this. Ghostwriters generally write content for eBooks, blog posts, website pages, email, white papers and many more but, they cannot produce content in their name. However, it is not an issue as you will be well-paid for not using your name and giving credits to others.
  • Professional Writer: This is the final rank that you can achieve. In order to be a professional freelance writer, you should have a minimum of 5 years of working experience and at the same time, you should have the capability to produce different types of content.
    Freelance writing is a platform where beginners will surely get the taste of confusion initially. However, there is nothing to worry about. Simply follow the points mentioned above in order to become a successful freelance writer and earn money online.

Make Money Online With Consulting

Consulting is one of those platforms that have the capability to add success to your life. Consultants are those people who are generally experts in a specific field and they have in-depth knowledge of that particular domain. In order to become a consultant, you should have some characteristics which are mentioned below:

  • You should have enough flexibility to cope up with diverse environments.
  • A good consultant always does smart work. You have to know how you can solve the problem in the best possible way.
  • You have to be hardworking as a good consultant does not have the tendency to give up. You have to analyze the matter and provide a proper resolution.
  • You should have great listening as well as understanding skill. It is your role to listen and understand the matter first. After that, it is only possible to give a proper solution.

Well, a consultant has several roles to play and it depends upon the individual’s choice. Only becoming a consultant is not enough as you need to know how to make money online with consulting. Today, we will elaborate on this topic and let you know about the different ways of earning money from online consulting.

Role of Consultant

In order to know how to make money online with consulting, you should first understand the role of a consultant. The foremost role of a consultant is to provide effective advice in a particular field and they are paid for doing this. There are different fields where you can work as a consultant. Such fields are management, engineering, health care, science, finance, accountancy, human resources, law, education, public relation and many more.

How to Earn

A consultant depends upon his or her knowledge, skills and experience. Therefore, if you want to know how to make money online with consulting, you should have access to these resources. Your solution may be a Specialist or Generalist depending upon the service that you are offering. But, you will be paid if you have the capability to implement your skills and knowledge properly. You can utilize your skill in several ways which are mentioned below:

  • Problem-solving.
  • You can utilize your skills to improve the performance of a business.
  • You can even offer solutions as well as various recommendations to fresher who is willing to enter into an emerging market.
  • Well, you as a consultant have the luxury to earn money not only giving solutions but also selling professional services. Some services that you can offer are mentioned below:
  • You can share your skills as well as experience through books and blogs with other people and get paid for that.
  • You can design your own coaching or training courses where you can mainly offer two different services- Individual coaching service and business coaching service

A consultant’s earning always depends upon his or her skill and therefore a consultant always remains independent and their profession allows them to make their own earning structure. It might be hourly based or project-based.

In a nutshell, it must be said that it is one of the best platforms that offer endless earning with no physical effort. So, if you believe that you have the right skills, just grab this profession and start earning

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