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How to Start Blogging and Make Money? Well, it requires planning and preparation to start a blog and even more effort and time to manage that blog.

How to Start Blogging and Make Money  Tips to Master for 2020 and 2021

You wanted to make money and joined the blogging bandwagon after reading stories about successful bloggers, but even after months, you earned nothing. Now you think it was a ‘wrong decision’ and should give up on this idea. Well, actually, ‘wrong decision’ is you giving up on blogging. The only mistake was insufficient guidance on how to start blogging and make serious money in 2020.


When starting a blog, the first thing to understand is that blogging is not a technique of getting rich quick, whether it’s a business blog or a hobby blog. Many people put their efforts into blogging but did not generate a generous amount. This article is a complete guide on how does blogging makes money.

How to make money off blogging? Well, it requires planning and preparation to start a blog and even more effort and time to manage that blog. It needs to stay persistent over months and sometimes years (yes, you heard it right ‘years’) to gather an audience and generate a passive income in the long-run.

Turn Your Blogs into a Cash Cow

Cow to start blogging and make money

Know the Term ‘Blog’

A blog is a short-term of the weblog, which is an informational website or online journal displaying the latest content first. It is an online platform for individuals or groups of different fields to share their views on the subject.

Blogging art is not merely formulaic or scientific. One needs to have a deep-seated passion for the subject craft to start a blog on it; otherwise, bloggers might face the tide of frustration and distress.

Here are steps to follow on how to start blogging successfully:

Choose Blog Subject

Think about your interests and come up with a topic or niche you are most interested in and more clearly about. If someone is not sure about his/her interests, then choose a topic that is in demand or has a future scope. To make a blog successful requires laser-focusing on the selected topic means all the writing and digital content should revolve around on that topic.

Blogging is not confined to just a few topics. There is a long list of items one can choose from. Few of them are fitness, health, technology, makeup, business, IT, religion, traveling stories, beauty tips, cooking and baking, art and craft, books, movie or product reviews, fashion, story writing, poetry, photography, sports, DIY, gardening, comics, and many more.

Platform Selection

By far, one of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress, but there are other micro-blogging platform options too that can be influential. These include, Tumbler, Medium, etc. First, go through their features and choose the one which best suits your requirements and is easy to use.

Never choose the blog theme which contradicts the subject. Theme color and font selection also play a significant role in attracting the audience. The visitor’ eyes feel comfortable in reading content from the blog.

Explore more before the final selection of the blog platform and also visit existing blogs to see how their theme is matching with the topic.

Blog Domain Name

The severe bloggers who want to make money off blogging must have a custom domain name. Look for a relevant but short (keyword-rich, if possible) domain name that reflects the blog niche instead of relying on the sub-domain hosted by third-party.

Below are the following suggestions to adhere if concerned about SEO:

⦁ Select a short domain, less than 15 characters.
⦁ Use a well-known TLD (top-level domain) like .com, .co, or .net.
⦁ Do not use sub-domains that are self-hosted to categorize or rank posts.
⦁ Avoid purchasing a name for a domain that has hyphens because spammers are often associated with such domains.

Pick the Hosting Site

How to start blogging and make money

The #1 best way to choose a web hosting… GoDaddy, HostGator, A2 Hosting, 1&1 Hosting are a few reliable options that provide the source for domains. These companies offer different package plans so pick the one that ensures the up-time and service-level guarantee and is budget-friendly.

Update Blog Regularly

Blogger needs to update their blog with engaging, well-written, insightful, keyword centric, and unique content. Don’t just write for the search engines. Write what people should know or need to know about the intended niche. Because, the content is useless if readers will not read it. After all, they are the ones who are going to make you money off blogging.

How to start blogging and make money from the beach

So come up with the quality content. The writing skill develops over time with more research and practice.

$ell Advertisement

Many companies might be interested in selling their products as readers can be their potential customers. This can be done by displaying ads in the form of graphics in places such as the sidebar, within the content or where it doesn’t disturb the flow. Go for AdThrive or Mediavine. Turn Your Blogs into a Cash Cow with RevenueHits

Monetize Content

How to Start Bolgging and Make Money in 2020 The Most Popular WordPress Cream

Blogging does not make anyone rich overnight. Those who are serious about the long-term results, don’t opt for the fast-bucks tactics. But monetizing the content can create a way to generate some amount from the blog. A common practice is writing articles that will lead readers to digital products created by the blogger itself.

Digital Products

Digital products are beneficial in a way as no inventory is needed for them and can be distributed easily and quickly. Some of the digital products are:

  • Online Tutorials: Arrange workshops or online classes on the intended topic, either live or recorded.
  • E-Courses: Teach people about your subject and sell it repeatedly.
  • E-Books: For many, self-publishing is very profitable. Manage your content and sell it in e-book form.
  • Premium Content: One has to pay to get access to some particular topics.
  • Photos: Many photographers use online platforms to sell their photos.
  • Physical Products: Few physical products that bloggers can sell are:
  • Handmade Products: This is a vast domain and offers many options, such as paintings, DIY products, jewelry, etc.
  • Books: Blogging made many people a traditionally published author. Even e-books can be published and sold.

Although it is profitable, bloggers usually opt print-on-demand (POD) or drop-shipping to minimize the hassle as a result of producing physical products. Also, remain topical with the content, stay persistent to achieve goals, and to make money in the long-run.


Even after getting a little fame, bloggers get paid when hired by others virtually as well as locally for offering services such as guest speakers, freelancers or virtual assistants or by providing in-person services in cooking, decoration, etc., to local readers.

A small to no inventory is needed for providing such services. In addition to that, it helps to make quick money with little startup costs. The feeling you get when paid for the skill already has is matchless.

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting someone else’s services or products related to your blog subject to readers is affiliate marketing. Use a unique affiliate link when marketing products or services. When the reader clicks that link and purchases the product or finish the desired action set by the other company, the blogger earns the commission.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs a blogger can join. A few of them are:

  • Amazon Associates: When the reader purchases an Amazon product via the link in the article, the blogger gets paid.
  • Ultimate Bundles: There are online companies that sell digital products in bundles at much-discounted prices.
  • Amazon Influencer Program: It’s a different program in which Amazon gives sellers their shop. Bloggers can sell their own as well as other company’s items.

So, now it’s time to learn some techniques to promote the blog and bring it on top-searched results as well. Also, how to make it more responsive to users.

Learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization 2020 )

A blogger must know how to optimize the blog to start the blog successfully.

Start learning about the basics of search engine optimization to be able to rank your blog on top results in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Get to know more about keyword searching tools such as Google Webmaster tool or Keyword Finder. Learning SEO is a drawn-out journey, go through different tutorials, and use various tools to enhance your skill set.

Get Social

Blogger has to be social to keep on the road of becoming a successful one. Link-up with the other bloggers in accord, affiliate partners, or sponsors because building a relationship has a lot to do with making a successful blog.

Share your content and engage with the public on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. this will help a lot in gathering traffic towards the blog.

How to start a blogging and make money from 2020

Remember, all these tips will not work for every blogger in 2020 but if you want to start blogging and make money then don’t be hesitant in experimenting with these methods to know what works best for your blogging style.

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